Seasonal Lighting – New Products for 2018

Take the HASSLE out of Holiday Decorating

Save Energy with LED lights!

Seasonal Lighting Tis the season for seasonal lighting.   At Kenney Outdoor Solutions, we want to assist you with sales and marketing ideas, estimating, installation tips, and everything you need to provide professional, quality service to your customers.


We are excited to offer this new holiday lighting product because of it’s vast application ideas.   If you’ve not seen these lights we encourage you to call and check out the many options you have available and we’ll assist with the design and specs for your project proposal.

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue, and is an additive color model in which, the intensities of those 3 colors of light are varied to produce
thousands of colors. Mixing intensities of light sounds simple enough, but when you start dealing with the in-between colors like orange, pink,
and yellow, these mixed colors are where low quality RGB systems will fail to represent the color accurately. Minleon has the unique ability
to manufacture the controllers, the accessories and the lights to guarantee the best color representation possible. Minleon strings are also
considered “smart pixels” where every bulb (node/pixel) is fully programmable, so each bulb can be its own color as part of a motion or color
changing effect. All Minleon products are commercial grade, UV resistant and UL listed.   For a full brochure of this product line  Click here

2018 Holiday Lighting Catalog – NOW AVAILABLE

Be sure to check out the complete line of Seasonal Lighting Products we have available, including artificial trees, wreaths, and garland.  Pick up a catalog at our Branch locations or request one today.


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