Porous Pave

Pour in Place …and increase your profit margins


Porous Pave is the new revolutionary product using recyclable materials to create a porous surface that fits a multitude of purposes.
Uses Include:BACK 1
  • Pathways and cart paths through parks and golf courses
  • Permeable and soft surfaces for playground and picnic areas
  • City Street Tree surrounds
  • Patios and sidewalks
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Pool surrounds

dukefarmPorous Pave is a pour in place surfacing material using stone, recycled rubber and a binder material making it LEED qualified.  Porous Pave is slip resistant, won’t freeze or crack, environmentally friendly, and is available is several colors.  Porous Pave is easy and quick to install, using a standard mortar mixer, mixing time is under a minute, and once in place curing time is about 24 hours and it’s ready for use.

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Reduce water runoff and provide an environmentally friendly surface in the landscape!

News from Porous Pave…a  2 mile path completed in Florida!

See how this permeable product was recently used to complete a pathway through the city of Orlando to provide safe biking and walking for students and families to attend The Academic Center of Excellence.

Getting to school safely on porous pave – 2017