Water Conservation and YOU

Make every drop count


Make sure you are offering irrigation systems that will maximize the water use and provide water conservation in the landscape design.   Today more than ever we face the need for SMART Irrigation.   Old inefficient systems waste water and with installation of new rotors, sprays, and controllers there can be savings of up to 80%.water conservation

When designing new systems there is a need to consider the newest technology and incorporate those into your total package.  Be known as the leader in your market for water conservation and provide tools to your customers showing how they can see a return on their investment and significant savings in water costs.


Water Conservation Technology Available

Want to learn about what is available and how you can incorporate SMART Irrigation into your total package?   Ask today for information on any of the items mentioned below.

  • Rain sensors/Water Shut-off Devices
  • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Smart Controllers/Weather driven Controllers
  • Drip Irrigation and Sub-surface Irrigation
  • Water Efficient Rotors and Sprays

Take part in Smart Irrigation Month – July 2015Smart Irr Month

To learn how you can participate in the national efforts to promote water conservation be sure to go the the Irrigation Association website to learn how you can share in this effort.  SMART IRRIGATION