Beat the Dog Days of Summer

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Beat the Dog Days of Summer

Beating the Summer Blahs….

Maximize your opportunities

We’ve all heard the marketing advise to “fill the pipeline”, but how do you make that happen when you’ve been working long hard days and summer blahs have just hit?   Making sure that everyone in your Company understands what your goals are and giving them all the challenge to constantly be aware of that next job opportunity will ensure that you’ve got a full pipeline.   Provide them with sales tools, whether it be door hangers that the service team leaves, or mailing inserts on new products that the office sends out with billings, to service upgrade flyers that get shared with your existing customers.  All of these are ways in which the marketing and sales efforts never stop even in the busiest time of the year and will result in you MAXIMIZING YOUR OPPORTUNITIES.

Create multiple income streams

It has often been noted that many of the most successful business people are those that are not dependent upon one single source of income, rather they are diversified and can weather the storm when certain businesses are impacted.  Is your business totally dependent upon just landscape lighting or just irrigation?  Will your business be impacted with a downturn in home building or an abnormally wet season?  Why not explore ways that you can expand your business with similar services and have a stronger business plan that provides other sources of income.  At Kenney Outdoor Solutions we are happy to work with you to determine what works for you.

Don’t be a procrastinator …beat that monster

Procrastination can sometimes be labeled as laziness, but in actuality you are “choosing to do something else” instead of the job you know you should be doing.   Beat the monster by setting up deadlines for specific goals.   Make sure they are achievable and that you haven’t set the bar so high that you will fail on the first task.   Start small and build on those goals and you’ll no longer be bogged down with that MONSTER.

Learn, Learn, Learn

It’s been said that you should strive to learn something new every day regardless of your age.  If you run into Dave Wheeler he’ll be the first to challenge you on that topic.  What have you learned today that you can incorporate into your business tomorrow?   Have you looked at the new product offerings we have at Kenney Outdoor Solutions to improve your day to day efficiencies or perhaps a new line of products that you could offer to your existing customers?   We encourage you to give us a call and ask about how you can add either holiday lighting or snow and ice removal to your regular offerings.

Team building for fun

Fall is a great time to break away from the long hard days of summer and make time to have fun as a company.   It may be as simple as firing up the grill in the parking lot and treating the team to burgers and brats at the end of the day, or planning an event and including spouses and family.  By sharing your family time together you all will find the support and camaraderie that will get you through the long hard days of the summer season.