Mix and Match K-Rain Deal

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Mix and Match K-Rain Deal

Don’t Miss Out

Be sure to take advantage of the final days of this great mix and match offer from K-Rain and Kenney Outdoor Solutions.  You have until July 14th, (Saturday) to receive 10% OFF on your K-Rain purchases on the most popular items.  Not sure of your purchase needs for the remainder of 2018?   Check with our team and we’ll provide ways to forecast your purchase needs and how to maximize on this offer.

Mix and Match

You have the opportunity to mix and match in any combination the popular K-Rain products of Rotors, Valves, Controllers, Sprays and Nozzles and receive a 10% discount.    Now is the time to place your order for your customized K-Rain rotors or try the K-Rain Rotary Nozzles.

New Products to considermix and match

The new K-Rain BL-KR battery operated bluetooth controller has an updated web platform to provide you with improved field effectiveness and ability to manage all from your phone or tablet.  No need to purchase a separate remote or be forced to run an expensive long wire run to a difficult location.  Available in 1, 2, 4 or 6 station models.  Be sure to contact us at Kenney Outdoor Solutions to see a demo of this new controller.  Learn more…

Place order online

Take advantage of the ease of placing your orders quickly and easily online with Kenney Konnection.