Drainage Issues have met their match..downspout defender

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Drainage Issues have met their match..downspout defender

Upgrade with Downspout Defender

Now you can install this new and innovative drainage Downspout Defender with your catch basin and filter to achieve the maximum in water collection and drainage solution.   Kenney Outdoor Solutions now offers this NEW downspout drainage system from NDS.  NDS continues to be the leader in bringing new technology to the market and your customers.  Order these today from Kenney Outdoor Solutions.

Drainage System Shield

The Downspout Defender is an easy upgrade to any downspout drainage system for improved results.   The self-cleaning grate deflects debris before it enters the drainage system resulting in reduced number of clogs and capturing more water than standard grates.  The unique design prevents water from splashing back onto building foundations and captures the water to allow that water to be collected or drained away from the structure.

Installing catch basins – Best Practicesdownspout defender

By installing the NDS catch basin under the downspouts you can effectively manage stormwater and protect your customer’s property, thereby preventing costly water damages resulting from flooded lower levels.  Adding the Downspout Defender makes the system more effective by capturing more water and deflecting debris to keep the system running clean.  Learn more….