WiFi Smart Socket

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WiFi Smart Socket

Now you can control from anywhere

Imagine the ability for your service team to be able to turn on and maintain your customer’s landscape lighting without ever having to open the transformer?   Or the ability for your customer to adjust or change their landscape lighting from their phone?   With the WiFi Smart Socket you can do just that!

See how simple it is to install

Why use the Wifi Smart Socket?WiFi Smart Socket

The Brilliance Wifi Smart Socket was developed to make control and maintenance for landscape lighting fast and simple.   With the installation of this simple device you no longer have to worry about arriving at a residence only to find the homeowner not home and the transformer located in the garage.  Avoid costly return trips by simply pulling up the system on your phone and quickly perform the necessary service and on to the next jobsite.   Additionally, today’s customers enjoy the ability to pull up apps on their smart devices and control everything from the lights inside the home to the landscape lighting on their backyard entertainment areas.   No need to teach them how to manually operate a transformer, now you simply have them download the app and with a few simple steps they are up and running.

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We have seen high demand for this product and encourage you to go to our online store to order your supply today.   Go to Kenney Konnection and look under NEW Landscape Lighting products and place your order.

Part number :  BRI-Smart Socket

Additional Instructions

For complete instructions simply download this easy to follow steps to get you up and running.

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