Smart Irrigation Series …ways to save water

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Smart Irrigation Series …ways to save water

Part 2 – Solve fogging

Available from Kenney Outdoor Solutions is the Rain Bird Shrub Adapter that provides optimized distribution of water for shrub areas at regulated pressures of either 30 psi or 45 psi.  With installation of these sprays you can maintain constant outlet pressure and ensure maximum performance to save water.  No longer will you have misting and fogging caused by high pressure and additionally restrict the water loss by up to 70% if a nozzle is removed or damaged.

Rain Bird PA-8S-PRS and PA-8S-P45save water

Consider just a few of these key features available:

  • Adapts nozzles for use with 1/2″ MPT threaded risers
  • Patented PRS pressure regulator built into the stem.  Available in 30 or 40 psi models
  • No parts to be installed at the site saving you time and money
  • Maintains constant outlet pressure at 30 psi or 45 psi
  • Restricts water loss if nozzle is damaged or removed making it idea for vandal prone areas

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July is Smart Irrigation Month

Be sure to keep this in mind when talking with your customers and be part of the team promoting ways to save water through design and incorporation of these types of products with each installation. Smart Irrigation Link