Smart Irrigation Month is coming

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Smart Irrigation Month is coming

Will you be Smart this year?

Each year we focus on Smart Irrigation Month and feature ways that you can be part of the movement to educate homeowners and commercial businesses about water conservation during Smart Irrigation Month.

July is Smart Irrigation Month

Now is the time to plan for ways that you can share this message throughout your community and become an industry leader known for installing the best in water conservation products.  Do you have this as part of your sales and marketing message?   Want to explore ways that with a few simple changes you can save your customers money and water?  We will share a series of articles on products you can incorporate with your standard installation.

Toro Soil Sensorsmart irrigation

This simple product is one of the easiest up-sell items you can offer your customers to improve the performance of their existing system.  With a quick installation this soil sensor will communicate with the controller to monitor the available moisture in the soil and inhibit the scheduled run if it determines that there is adequate moisture available to the plants and turf.

Free up-sell flyer

We have available to you a flyer promoting the Toro Soil Sensor for you to download and use for your sales or service teams.  To customize and add your Company logo and contact information you can reach out to our sales team and we’ll have this updated and available to you.  See example

Join us

Get your local news channels to cover an installation you are doing to promote Smart Irrigation….that’s just one of the many ways that you can use the month of July to promote your business and stand out from the rest of your competition.  Check out the many ideas and materials available to you online at the National Irrigation Association website.   Link

Watch for the next in our series of blogs promoting water saving ideas available from your team at Kenney Outdoor Solutions.