How valuable is your fertilizer?

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How valuable is your fertilizer?

All nitrogen is not created equal

N-P-K…that’s what you’ve been told over the years….look at the numbers and you’ll know what you’re getting.   The first number being the NITROGEN, but knowing a few more details will determine how valuable your fertilizer really is.

Keys to value in your fertilizer

  • The rate at which you must apply to achieve the correct nutrient value
  • How effective is the nutrient uptake to the plants
  • Cost/treated area…do you know
  • What is the leaching and run-off rate for the nitrates
  • Does your fertilizer produce high quality plants

Being able to quantify or know the value to each of these factors can define the actual benefits to using a product that can deliver.  At Kenney Outdoor Solutions we have worked with several manufacturers to ensure that the products we offer bring to you value and quality to deliver maximum performance in the field each and everytime you apply them.

Proven results

Fertilizer root studies

Keys to the success of a fertilizer generally can be demonstrated in studies where they look at root growth over a period of time with comparison to a control group or other fertilizers.   In this particular study they compared the NutriLife (the biochemical additive) to standard fertilizers across various species of turf grasses such as rye, fescues, and bluegrass.  In this example with bluegrass the root biomass increase was dramatic over a 65 day study.

What’s in our fertilizers?

The slow release and stabilized nitrogen products you’ll see listed on our fertilizer bags may include:

  • XCU
  • Regain

Let us break these down for your future reference


This is a sulfur polymer coated Urea that allows the Urea to be released through diffusion and lasts 6-8 weeks.


Regain is coated on the urea to stabilize the nitrogen.  This product protects the Urea from volatilization and bacteria enzymes which normally would convert urea to nitrates that leach through the soil.  Proven studies by University of Wisconsin trials have show this product to outperform 100% Sulfur Coated Urea.


A stabilized nitrogen that is delivered as a homogeneous prill(spherical pellets) that protects against volatility for up to 12 days after application.  UFLEXX keeps the urea in the soil profile for 6-8 weeks.

Want to know more?

We encourage you to reach out to our team and ask questions about these fertilizers and let us develop a full season program for your customers to maximize your value and the quality of performance.   Additionally, here is a link to SpringValley to learn more about the products we offer.  READ MORE