Can one size really fit all?

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Can one size really fit all?

K-Rain Solenoid

Now you can pick up either a 9v or 24v Solenoid replacement kit and have what you need when you need it! Yes…one size can really work!  The new Solenoid Replacement kit from K-Rain comes with adapters for both Rain Bird and Hunter valves making this one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to purchase replacement solenoids.

Order for Service Trucksone size

As the spring start-ups begin, we all know that having replacement parts readily available on the service trucks is key to getting the work done with only one stop at each location.   We encourage you to stock up on these reliable parts as it prevents you from having to carry multiple parts on your trucks and wasting inventory dollars.   Avoid duplication and instead take advantage of one size solenoid … put these on your trucks this spring and we think you’ll be glad you did.

Place your order quickly online

Have you tried placing an order thru Kenney Konnection?   Not sure of your login or forgot your password?   This year we have added many new products and want to make your job ordering, checking prices and even looking up new items quick and easy.  Get with your Kenney Sales manager today to learn how you can take advantage of Kenney Konnection.   Link to Kenney Konnection