Experience TruAudio Sound

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Experience TruAudio Sound

Available now at Kenney

Experience truly great sound with the TruAudio Sound Systems now available at Kenney Outdoor Solutions.   For your customers that want to enjoy their outdoor living spaces and incorporate quality and sound we suggest that you offer to install a TruAudio Sound System on your next irrigation or landscape lighting installation.

Professional Outdoor Sound Systems

  • Speakers and subwoofer have the capability of running in either 8Ω or 70v configurations
  • Recommended configuration is 70V to support long cable runs from speakers and subwoofers
  • Additionally, in 70V, speakers and subwoofers have the ability to be daisy chained together
  • Maximum tap setting on 6” speaker is 50 watts
  • Speaker ground stakes included
  • Speaker wall mount plates available
  • Industry leader in acoustic performance
  • Free system design and support
  • One stop shop for speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and source

Kit Pricing Available

To simplify your ordering and estimating you can look at customized kits that we have available that will provide a complete installation for a standard outdoor living area at one easy price.   No more guessing at part numbers, how much to order…we do the work for you and put it all into one KIT.

5 Year Warranty

With this quality TruAudio Sound system you can offer confidence to your customers with the full 5 year warranty offered on all speakers and subwoofers.  Install with confidence and be sure to include this product with your next sales presentation.

Marketing Support Available

Ask how you can receive support to custom design marketing materials promoting TruAudio with your Company logo and contact information.  Have information in the hands of all of your start-up teams this spring to leave behind with each of your existing customers.