The new revolutionary Toro Outcross 9060

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The new revolutionary Toro Outcross 9060

Bringing together the best of both

Recently at the 2017 Golf Show we were shown the latest equipment developed by Toro, and at the time it was so new they hadn’t even named it and still referred to it as Project Delta.  After suggestions were submitted from many at the show they selected and named the newest Turf Maintenance Machine the Toro Outcross 9060.

Versatility and efficiencytoro outcross

“The engineers at Toro have combined the best of both worlds with this machine”  This is truly a super machine that will provide landscapers and turf maintenance folks one piece of equipment that functions in so many different avenues and will remove so many of the inefficiencies they often experience when headed to the job site with multiple pieces of equipment.  Ask any of the turf managers that have had the opportunity to test drive and the comments are overwhelmingly positive.


Toro Outcross 9060 Available in 2018

Toro outcross 9060

Check with the team at Kenney Machinery for early availability for this equipment.  Currently we are hearing from Toro that they will have this available in summer 2018 so we will stay on top of this and be sure to have the first ones available ready for you this season!   We expect to see plenty of buzz over this at the upcoming Sports Turf Managers Conference this week in Texas. We encourage you to explore the benefits and get your orders in early.  Don’t miss out.