Honoring Excellence-the Merle Yockey Award

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Honoring Excellence-the Merle Yockey Award

First Annual Award

Kenney Corporation this year started the annual tradition to honor service excellence with the Merle Yockey Award.  It was only fitting that the first recipient was the man for which this award was based – Merle Yockey himself!  We extend our heartfelt thanks to the man that has embodied the whole concept of service excellence and a person we all aspire to be like in our daily interactions with customers and other employees.

Service Excellence

At our annual meeting we were able to share several personal comments from such customers as Don Harter, Harmony Outdoor Equipment and Gayle from Crescent Ave Gardens, as they reflected upon the service they have received from Merle over the years.  We feel blessed to say that Merle is a Kenney employee and look forward to awarding this award for many years to come.


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