Winterizing is just around the corner

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Winterizing is just around the corner

Easy steps to winterizing

As we move into fall it won’t be long before your service teams will be out winterizing irrigation systems and landscape features.  We’ll share with you these quick easy videos from Atlantic Water Gardens to give you a quick reminder on the steps for your service team to include when they prepare to winterize ponds, water features, fountains and pondless water features this fall.   Be sure to share these short clips with your team and then stop in to pick up any necessary items to have on hand for service trucks.  If you don’t currently offer this service with your normal irrigation and landscape fall programs we encourage you to reconsider and leverage your current customer base to it’s maximum potential.

How to’s

Start with winterizing a pondless water feature or similar fountain using an eco-blox…

Winterizing Fountain Basins

and the all important step to be sure not to forget….cleaning the pump!

Ready for fall?

With this we also want to remind you to begin looking to be sure your service trucks are now stocked for all of the necessary parts they’ll need when gearing up for those blow-outs and winterization.  Contact Kenney Outdoor Solutions for all of your fall projects and service needs.

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