Smart Irrigation …will you do your part?

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Smart Irrigation …will you do your part?

July 2017 is Smart Irrigation Month

Each year at this time we promote Smart Irrigation and encourage you to join us in promoting and educating your customers to the benefits to saving money and water through SMART IRRIGATION.  The National Irrigation Association started Smart Irrigation Month in 2005 and we continue to see it gain traction as drought and water shortages become headlines at a national level.

Invest in your industry

You can position your company as a leader in your industry if you become known as “THE LEADER” in smart water saving practices with your designs and installations.

  • Are you promoting SMART technology with your sales presentations?
  • Do you educate your customers about efficient water use and how they can achieve those savings through their irrigation installation?
  • Have you stayed current with the latest advancements in water-saving technologies, products and designs?

Ways to promote Smart Irrigation

We want to offer you several ideas that we call “no brainers” or simple ways to incorporate Smart Irrigation into your sales and marketing with your existing and new customers.  With each homeowner that takes the steps to save water your total impact on water consumption has a major impact on water conservation.

Ideas for consideration:Smart Irrigation

  • Statement Stuffers – IA provides FREE statement stuffers that you can customize with your logo.  These 3 designs can be mailed with your monthly statements, individual invoices, printed and used as hand-outs by your service team, and shared with local news agencies for advertising. Link to Stuffers  …click here
  • Promote SMART Controller Technology-See the many new advancements that have been developed by all of the major irrigation manufacturers to incorporate WiFi and remote access for ease in controlling, linking to weather information, and saving water through ET based scheduling.  Learn more
  • Develop a successful service upgrade program to incorporate with your service team so that every opportunity to promote SMART irrigation is built into your daily tasks.  Educate your service team on items they can up-sell to customers including items such as rain sensors, moisture sensors, water efficient nozzles, sprays, and rotors.

Water …Inch a week

Established lawns and landscapes typically need less than an inch of water each week in temperate climates.  Be sure that you design your installations to deliver water efficiently and use the latest in technology for added value to your customer.

Talk to the team at Kenney Outdoor Solutions so that you become part of a growing team of committed industry leaders for SMART Irrigation.