Part 2 – Smart Irrigation Month Ideas

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Part 2 – Smart Irrigation Month Ideas

Ways to sell …Sell SMART

Continuing with our efforts to support July as Smart Irrigation Month we thought it would be good to look at how you can incorporate the whole concept of Smart Irrigation with your marketing and sales efforts with prospective new homeowners.  By sharing with them the ways in which they can be a part of the efforts to conserve water and save money in the process they will more like embrace the designs and systems that you are proposing to them.

Four ways to sell SMART irrigation

  1.  Use SMART irrigation controllers.  We have shared with you several new controllers on the market that utilize weather based technology to deliver only the required amount of water.  Have you incorporated this technology into your installations?   On a broader level, are your service team members working with existing homeowners to ensure that they realize that if they still have an out-dated controller that they can easily upgrade and see a return on their investment?
  2.  Stress the importance of a Rain Sensor with every installation.   With the options now available for rain sensors there should be no excuse to see irrigation sprinklers running in a rain shower.  Be sure that every job site you visit has one installed.  Be sure your service team knows how to set one up and test during spring start-ups to be sure they are operating correctly.sell smart
  3. Sell the importance of High Efficiency Sprinkler Heads.  All new installations should be incorporating the high-efficiency nozzles.  This will minimize wind drift and ensure that the water is applied evenly to the landscape plantings and turf.   Likewise, if you have a homeowner with old sprinkler heads consider approaching them with upgrade options to replace with the new models to incorporate water savings.
  4. Share with them the importance of watering at the right time and interval.  Knowing when to water is as important as the watering itself.  Done correctly it will encourage deep root growth which will in turn result in a healthier turf and landscape.  Show them how you will set up the controller to maximize the best uptake by the plants and do so at early morning times to avoid evaporation and mildew issues.

The Bottom Line

Providing your customers with SMART irrigation products is not only good for your business, but it provides you with the means to sell at a higher price because you can show them how you are bringing value to their long term landscape.  Saving water and seeing a greater return on their investment is SMART SELLING.

We hope you consider these tips and continue to look at ways that you can work with the team at Kenney Outdoor Solutions to build your marketing strategy.  If you have any questions or want to look at any of the new controllers now available simply contact us today.