Light Logic – Wireless Lighting Control

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Light Logic – Wireless Lighting Control

Light up your nights…and control it from your phone

We have been sharing with you the latest in WiFi Controllers for irrigation, but don’t forget the additional options available for landscape lighting as well.  You can offer your customers the convenience and ease to alter their landscape lighting from their smartphone or iPad devices.  Best of all, it can be installed with existing lighting systems or new installations.

Benefits to offer homeowner

  • Create different settings for various occasions or special events
  • Control pathway lighting for nighttime safety or security
  • Turn on perimeter or security lighting with the touch of a button
  • Automate and control additional features such as fountains, seasonal lighting, water features

Features available with Light Logic

  • Wireless control for up to four scenes
  • Use with iOS or Android devices
  • Compatible with any 120V device
  • Astronomical timing to auto adjust dusk and dawn times for seasonal changes
  • Firmware easily upgradeable
  • Sequence multiple transformers

Components for installationlight logic LPLUS

Installation is quick and easy with these simple components:  LPLUS  – Internet Gateway,  LPCU-A – Power Control Unit, and a Mobile Device.   You go onto your laptop and configure the locations, scenes, schedules and any other functional options use the Light Logic software (Click here to see configuration site)  The PC communicates with the LPLUS Internet Gateway via the Light Logic Internet Server.  You can adjust the settings at anytime or modify to include additional lighting if you expand in the future.  Total flexibility and features not found with any other controls on the market.

Customers can use their mobile devices to monitor, and control to override settings for manual on/off for various settings.Light logic LPCU

Order up your parts today, and include this feature with all of your landscape lighting installations.  All parts are available through Kenney Outdoor Solutions.  Contact your Territory Manager for additional details and marketing support.