Water runs down hill…do you have the right drainage?

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Water runs down hill…do you have the right drainage?

Drainage can be your key to success

Installing a well designed landscape and irrigation system should always take into consideration what the resulting impact of rain water or any other water will do in the landscape.  Runoff water or standing water on the site could result in damaged plants and most importantly unhappy customers.  Incorporating a well-designed drainage system with the overall plan will result in collection and directing the water to provide for a healthy landscape and efficient irrigation system.

Rain Bird ProductsRain Bird drainage

For decades we have provided you with the many Rain Bird irrigation products for quality and performance so as they have added drainage to their product line we also have discovered their benefits and value.  Their rugged construction and full line of drainage parts and accessories provides you with the ability to manage water run-off on every residential or commercial job site.  The grates, basins and drainage parts are built with the highest quality materials and have been rigorously tested for durability.  They stand behind these products with a three-year warranty which is the longest warranty in the drainage product category.

Color, Size and Style Options

Flexibility in design and needs is key to why you will want to explore the Rain Bird  line as we offer grates and basins of varying dimensions, shapes and colors to mix and match.  Additionally, all drainage items are constructed from 100% recycled plastic and therefore will qualify for  LEED projects.  Consider them for upgrades and renovations as well because they are fully compatible to fit components from most other manufacturers.

Order now for the spring season

Check out the ability to order now for the spring season and be ready when the spring thaw occurs and you can start your season off with a bang.  Remember that all Rain Bird  purchases will qualify for Rain Bird Rewards Points.  Contact your Account Manager today to learn more LINK