Algae…what now?

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Algae…what now?

When the customer calls will you be ready?

This is the time of year you’ll get those calls from your customers asking you to send a service technician out to take a look at their water feature.   Once they arrive they walk up and realize that “Gee…that’s not the way it should look….when did all of this algae appear anyway?”

When asked, the homeowner generally says that they make sure to keep the water levels up, but that’s about all they do.  After all, water features are maintenance free or low maintenance and take care of themselves…right?

Include a maintenance program with your install to minimize algae problems

As a professional landscaper, irrigation contractor or certified installer for water features, waterfalls, and ponds you have two options or approaches to take after installation of the job.   One option is to offer an annual service contract that provides for not only the spring start-up and fall winterization, and additionally seasonal visits to ensure steady maintenance and care is provided.

If you are not offering that as part of your sales and marketing tool kit then the best advice we have is to be sure you educate your customer at the time of the sale on what the expectations will be for them to keep it looking great year after year.

Consider offering a once a year service call mid-season after your crews have caught up  with the spring rush to provide consultation, application of any needed water treatments, and addressing any issues that may be discovered with this service visit.

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Provide your customers with the knowledge of how a Pond WorksKnow the pond cycle for success

For a great article on how to educate your customer we refer you to a recent blog on Atlantic Water Gardens site entitled  “How Does My Pond Work Anyway”  This is a great summary of the importance of keeping the proper balance between fish, plants, and beneficial bacteria to ensure that the water remains clear and algae free all season long.

Link to article 

Want to know more about how to set up a maintenance team for Water Features and Ponds?   Simply contact us today and we will provide you with the tools and water treatments you need to provide successful service to your customers.