Zika virus…Will your customers be safe?

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Zika virus…Will your customers be safe?

Fight ZIKA virus through your irrigation system

This may be one more headline focused on the Zika virus, however with the ever expanding reports and ongoing spread of this danger you can expect your customers to be concerned.  This summer and fall will be the year of Zika and you have the opportunity to be the solution and industry expert on this subject.  Each day we continue to see concerns voiced in the news and now is the time to step up to be a part of the solution.

All natural safe effective control of mosquitoes

Our NatureShield Pest Repellant System can help control mosquitoes in your customer’s outdoor living spaces and do so with a safe all natural combination of Cinnamon, Cedar, Garlic and Castor Oils in a proprietary blend.  Used in an automatic irrigation system with one of the Rid O’ Rust Systems or the newly designed ProFeeder you can offer a simple, effective and safe system.  Pet and kid friendly means your customers can rest assured that outdoor activities will be enjoyable all summer long.

Simple installation allows you to offer to existing customers as a retro-fit to their system this summer, or offer as an essential part to a new installation.  NatureShield can be injected into the irrigation system and be applied in conjunction with watering schedule.

NatureShield is a fastest growing and most effective all natural solution to control not only mosquitoes, but ants, bees, gnats, snails, slugs and other pests and totally safe for children and pets.

Marketing Support available FREE

We offer a FREE marketing flyer or statement stuffer customized with your Company Logo and contact information for your use this summer by your sales and service teams.   Be the first in your market to offer the SAFE and EFFECTIVE solution to ZIKA and other pests.  Contact your Account Manager to learn more about how take advantage of this offer.

Sample statement stuffer