Irrigation for Elementary Schools

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Irrigation for Elementary Schools

First ever curriculum

The IA (Irrigation Association) has just recently announced the first curriculum created for elementary schools.  Focusing on grades three through five, the curriculum’s activities take the student on a journey through the benefits of irrigation, including agriculture, landscape and its history.

The IA collaborated with Young Minds Inspired to develop and distribute the curriculum.  During the initial rollout, the curriculum was distributed to more than 10,000 schools in four states:  California, Florida, Nebraska and Texas.

How Does Your Garden Grow?curriculum activities

This sample targets the students in grades 3-5 and comes with print-outs for 3 fun activities for the students to complete and a teaching kit for the instructor along with educational materials to compliment the activities.

Although the initial rollout was not in our market area we hope to see further expansion of this program and see it’s continued distribution and support throughout the mid-west and encourage you to become involved with your local schools to encourage it’s use.

Complete Teaching KitTeaching kit

Check out the fun activities and suggested ways that students can have fun learning about our valuable resources and the importance that irrigation plays in our daily lives.   With this the students are given the opportunity to check out items on the web such as the Irrigation Museum

The curriculum is available for download here